BAE’s honorary president Philippe Gluntz spoke at a panel discussion on how business angels can stimulate Europe’s innovation. The lunch debate was organized by ZEW, the Centre for European Economic Research and moderated by BAE’s Vice President Ute Günther.

The event begun by presenting the results of the recent ZEW study on business angels. It highlights that business angels are a notable source of funding for innovative firms. You can access the brief summary of the report 

The panel discussion itself tackled some of the more pertinent points with regards to business angels and innovation, namely how Europe should maximize the potential of angel investment in order to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving innovation dynamics and how and when investors should be supported.

Other than Mr. Gluntz and Ms. Günther, the panel featured ZEW’s Dr. Georg Licht, Helen Köpman from the EU Commission’s DG Connect and Chiara Frencia from Inova+ S.A..