BPI France is organizing an online pitch of 9 companies specializing in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainable building sectors. The event will take place on Tuesday 19 December at 3pm CET. All of the companies featured in the online pitch have been carefully chosen via series of competitive selection-rounds. Each company will have 6 minutes to deliver its pitch and the solicited investment ranges from €300 thousand to €17 million. You can register for the event here. In the meantime you are invited to explore the profiles of these companies and other 100 similar companies via the BuildInterest Community here.

Here below you can find details on the companies that will be presented on 19 December:



Smart building / Predictive services and maintenance

Our platform continuously calculates the optimal building maintenance plan. Our different sensors are able to detect wood-rot, the use frequency of water pipes as well as the healthiest meeting room available within the facility. Data are then collected and analyzed to facilitate the work of facility managers on a daily basis.

  • Winner of Green Brick Award | 1,5 M€ sought


Energy Storage

We make a thermodynamic energy storage system starting at 100kW for one third of the cost of lithium-ion batteries. Our system has a 70% round-trip efficiency and very low maintenance costs due to our proprietary compressor design with no moving parts.

  • Prize-winner of Innovation 2030, a worldwide competition organized by the French Government | $1M sought (seed round)


Sustainable building / Marketplace

We are the first marketplace of reusable and bio-based materials for construction. Millions of tons of waste material are dumped every years and we are able to save them, hauling them from the deconstruction site to a nearby building site. We make this possible by using altogether our innovative user-experience designed digital tool, our data-machine and our experience in engineering consulting. 

As a smart trading material place, we use waste and technology to build the future.

  • Prize-winner Green Tech Verte of the Ministry of Environment | 1M€ sought


Energy storage and efficiency / Heating

Motivated by the stricter energetic regulations in Europe and worldwide, our ambition is to create the heating of the 21st century. Our solution relies on a patented architecture of connected space heater in which a storage battery is embedded. It generates high energy savings and enables a cost effective self-consumption of renewable energy, for offices and dwellings.

  • Winner of the Grand Prize EDF Pulse 2016 | 3M€ sought


Sustainable building / Renewable materials

Our company produces an energy-efficient, sustainable building material. The company has developed an innovative cellulose insulation, made from 100% recycled fiber, for use in residential and
commercial building applications which provides better thermal insulation than competitive products while using less than half the material thanks to an innovative production process.

We are active in the Italian Market and made some positive trials in France.

  • Winner of Climate-KIC Phase 1-2, Top50 at Slush Competition 2017 | 2,5M€ sought


Smart building/ Energy performance

Our solution is an innovative real estate platform. It centralizes all building data to make it easily and quickly accessible to users (asset and property managers, tenants, etc.). Smart and collaborative,
the application enables lease holders to increase productivity and energy efficiency. We assist owners in digital and energy transition and we give value to their real estate assets.

  • Prize-winner of the call for projects "Digital pad" of the Plan for Building Digital Transition | 500K€ sought


Renewable energies / Solar thermal
Our company has developed a system to recover solar thermal and environmental energy without disfiguring the landscape through the use of ordinary-looking tiles that provide heating and hot water to the household.

  • Owner of 3 patents | Prize-winner of the Gold Medal at the 38th Salon of inventions of Geneva | 300K€ sought


Solar Energy / Energy Storage / IoT / Power Electronics

Our company manufactures solar inverters with integrated artificial intelligence, dedicated to self-consumption of energy with the use of storage. By choosing our solution, the user makes his household energy independent, with a lowered cost of generated kWh. Our technology is protected by an international patent. Marketed by more than 30 distributors and available in 70 countries, with several thousand units already sold, our inverters are renowned for being innovative and reliable.

  • Rewarded by the French Tech pass | 17M€ sought


Sustainable building/ Renewable materials

Our company leads the world of building towards renewable construction: developing, building and marketing wooden buildings, made of small basic elements "Nano®" that allow the building to be mounted in record time, guaranteeing comfort, performance and reversibility, then to be dismounted to give it some new uses.

  • Part of the Materiaupole Paris | 1M€ sought