BPI France, a public investment bank that supports entrepreneurs, is organizing an online pitch of 8 companies with the focus on “deep tech” and unusual technologies such as ultrasonic data transmission, plasma propulsion or holograms. The companies were selected in collaboration with TAFTIE, the association that gathers all innovation agencies of European countries.

This will be the opportunity to discover from your office hi-potential profiles presented by 5 countries.



The event will take place on Thursday 15 February from 5pm CET to 6pm CET. You can register by following this link here.



The list of the companies:


Digital Security [France]

Disruptive by its universality, secure contactless data transmission over ultrasounds addresses use cases such as access control (passwordless), mobile payments (online & p2p), blockchain and semiconductor communication in airplane mode. A scalable and patented software technology for frictionless integration in I.S. and everyone’s daily life. Validated by security experts of banks and telcos in Europe as well as by the American leader in semiconductors.


·       Advance of 18 months - Already 3 clients and 7 tests ongoing | 750 k€ sought

Consumer electronics / Fintech / Biometrics [Switzerland]

Wearable module that fits on a band or a watch strap and that replaces passwords, cards, keys and any other authentication solution. Works only on the legitimate end-user's wrist thanks to wrist vein pattern recognition. Bring security and utmost convenience when authenticating in a digital world.


·       Already 10 major customers (Audi, BMW, Renault, BNP, Crédit Agricole, HP, ...)  | 10M€ sought


Geolocation / IoT / IA  [France]

We help businesses (industry, retail, smart buildings) make operations lean (increase productivity or decrease service time), using distinctive real-time high-accuracy indoor geolocation systems and data science. Expansion in China foreseen. 

·       20 large clients | 2M€ sought

Satellites / Propulsion  [Italy]

Innovative and cost-effective thruster based on plasma technology, specifically tailored for small satellite platform. It offers them currently unachievable high-mobility in orbit. These thrusters will be able to highly increase offer, widening the market.


·       2 M€ revenue per year expected from the fourth year | 1.5 M€ sought


IT / Holograms / Media [Italy]

Multimodal interactive communication platform that delivers unprecedented solutions within streaming, man-machine interaction and collaborative mixed reality. The portfolio ranges from holographic telepresence to unrivaled real-time mobile solutions for the television industry and civil services.

·       Profitable | 2.5 M€ sought

AgTech [Hungary]

Organic based liquid soil conditioner, which retains the already existing humidity in the soil. Saves irrigation water or the crops can survive the drought longer. It addresses one of the greatest limitations to global agriculture: water scarcity.


·       Already on market | 3.5 M€ sought



Biotech / Medtech [Switzerland]

Unique, scalable and efficient discovery platform delivering high-quality drug candidates for GPCR targets.


·       Fully operational, seed-financed by Boston-based biotech investors, experienced management and prestigious board, commercially active, IPR portfolio | 3.5 M€ sought

AgTech / Big Data [Estonia]

We develop data collection devices and platform for smart agriculture. Our goal is to build a global network with millions of nodes all over the world. This will mean unique big data for scientific and commercial use. On-the-field IoT weather stations and autonomous soil sampling tractors gather input for management decisions. Expert advice will be delivered in combination of AI and agronomists.

·       | 300 k€ sought