BPI France, a public investment bank that supports entrepreneurs, is organizing an online pitch of 10 companies selected from among 500 that had previously received the European Seal of Excellence. As such, these companies’ business plans have been recognized by the European Commission as having high innovation potential.


The event will take place on Wednesday 25 October at 5pm CET. Each company will be given 5 minutes for their pitch. The solicited investment ranges from €750 thousand to €4.5 million. To register, please click here.


Here below you can find more details on the companies that will be presented on 25 October:


IT / Networks
The Network Slicing company. Network Slicing is seen as the cornerstone in industrial revolution in coming years. Our patent pending technology enables mobile operators to provide quality guaranteed services for mission critical use case like remote healthcare, autonomous cars and augmented reality.

  • Seal of Excellence Award 2017 | 4.5 M€ sought


Energy Storage
We provide an integrated one-stop solution for both heat and power needs. Unlike battery systems it can store for hours to months without degradation as it uses compressed hydrogen gas as energy storage. It turns your home into a micro power station by providing renewable energy generation as well as storage and state-of-the art energy management. 

  • Seal of Excellence Award 2016 & 2017. Chain partners, sales pipeline and concrete purchase orders already in place | 1,5 M€ sought


Smart building / Noise reduction
The system that we develop is designed for all the people who suffer from noise to the point of no longer opening their windows, which represents one European on three. This noise cancellation solution which works in wide open windows, reflects incoming noises for an attenuation of 25dB, being 20 to 30 less noise. This system is based on a disruptive patented technology, the fruit of 25 years of research carried out by our founders.

  • Seal of Excellence Award 2017 | 1,5 M€ sought


IT / MedTech / Safety
We are developing a next generation, smart microsensors platform by combining diverse chemical nanosensors with microelectronics into one miniature (3x3mm), lightweight, low-power (1.5mW) chip with for the applications of health and safety. Our flagship technologies include CBRNe threats detection solutions in public places, a residual life indicator sensor for all types of filtration systems, structural health monitoring, water quality monitoring, energy storage management and non-invasive health diagnostics.

  • Winner of SME Instrument Phase 1 and NOSY Project, awarded 2 European Seals of Excellence in 2017 | 2 M€ sought


Greentech / Transport
Intelligent and non-invasive connected device that recovers energy during braking and deceleration of heavy duty vehicles, delivering it to auxiliary systems like the refrigeration unit, reducing the fuel consumption and the dependency of diesel engines.

  • First sales made in Germany. Awarded 2 European Seals of Excellence in 2017 | 2 M€ sought


Digital Health / Telehealth
We revolutionize Speech Therapy. We are addressing a €30B annual market with a groundbreaking platform and service, based on profound algorithms. Our platform boosts clinical outcomes, increases scalability x5, and reduces costs by 90%. It is already serving paying patients, technologies are scientifically validated, and global KOLs are collaborating with us. A-round of financing, led by the Technion Venture Arm, is currently open.

  • H2020 SME Phase-II 2016 & EU eHealth Award 2016 | €900K


Big Data / Transport
We bring the power of Big Data and predictive analytics to cargo transport companies to improve capacity utilization. Our products consist of 4 steps: 1) Data cleansing and enrichment 2) Demand forecast modeling 3) AI optimization 4) Execution controlling and are based on data science, artificial intelligence, and deep cargo industry knowledge.

  • Product on the market, references from top logistics companies (including Fortune 500) that saved up to 25% costs | 3M€ sought


Medical imaging
We develop web-based, timely, accurate and cost effective medical imaging software applications, which enable the display, processing and further analysis of 2D and 3D medical images. Our first product allows the review, process and analysis of brain MRI exams in order to improve diagnostic accuracy and diagnose pathologies such as brain cancer, Alzheimer's and other dementia.

  • Already ISO 13485 certified - Final stage of CE marking - First Clients secured | 750K€ sought (200k already committed)


We develop natural and synthetic rubber alternatives. Our patented rubber replacement compound can replace up to 70% of natural/synthetic rubber of a product, without any or very slight decrease in quality. Applications can cover tires / industrial tires, hoses, belts, pipes, shoes soles…

  • Seal of Excellence Award 2017 - Already working with 3 major European partners | 2.5M€ sought


Surface structure, next to chemical composition, defines the interaction between medical devices and human cells. Based on this concept, we design unique surface structures to improve the performance of medical devices. Using our proprietary technology, we identify the optimal designed surfaces to substantially augment medical implants including breast implants, catheters, orthopedic implants and biosensors. For every application we have the best surface.

  • Seal of Excellence Award 2017 | 2M€ sought