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Online pitch by Seal of Excellence companies a great success!

On 25 October BPI France, a public investment bank that supports entrepreneurs, held an online pitch of 10 companies selected from a pool of 500 that had previously received the European Seal of Excellence. With 100 investors who partook in the pitch, the event – that lasted for almost 2 hours – was a great success.


The success of the event was underpinned by a very high quality and innovation potential of the companies that were pitching to investors (for the list, please see below) as well as the preparation that went into organizing the event.


If you would like to (re)watch the recorded session, you can do so by clicking on this link .


The names, countries of origin and brief profiles of the companies participating:


  • Tim Koroteev, from Transmetrics, BULGARIA – Big Data and predictive analytics for cargo transport companies to improve their capacity utilization;
  • Rodrigo Pires, from AddVolt, PORTUGAL – Intelligent and connected device that recovers energy during breaking and deceleration of heavy vehicles;
  • Paris Ziogkas from Advantis, GREECE – introduces web-based, accurate and cost effective medical imaging software applications;
  • Mika Skarp from Cloudstreet, FINLAND – Cloudstreet is THE network slicing company. Network slicing is one of the key capabilities of the 5G, as it allows multiple logical networks to be created on top of a common physical infrastructure;
  • Katrien Hermans, from Solenco, BELGIUM – provides an integrated one-stop solution for both heat and power needs, based on hydrogen;
  • Jérémy Leclerc, from Didson, FRANCE – has developed a noise cancellation solution for buildings that works in wide open windows;
  • Lucia Comnes, from Sensichips, ITALY – has developed the next generation micro sensors with applications in health and safety;
  • Annemarie Botzki, from Solmove, GERMANY – Smart roads that generate clean photovoltaic energy to power the electric vehicle revolution;
  • Yair Shapira, from Ninispeech, ISRAEL – Introducing online speech therapy based on innovative technologies;
  • Bernke Papenburg, from Materiomics, THE NETHERLANDS – They design-unique surface structures to improve the performance of medical devices.