The European Crowdfunding Network has recently published its Crowdfunding Review for 2017. This is the third of its kind and it covers all 28 EU Member States as well as four other non-EU countries, including Switzerland and the United States. The Review confirms that as the economic growth picks up, importance of Crowdfunding increases, in particular its cross-border dimension.

While the EU and the EU Member States have made progress in terms of their regulatory framework, a lot more work needs to be done. There still remain significant hurdles both for small and medium sized businesses to tap into this form of funding as well as for investors to allocate assets across borders easily.

The European Union is currently working on the Capital Market Union which also addresses the issue of cross-border Crowdfunding more specifically. Its successful implementation can help investors to invest into small and medium sized businesses which would have a positive impact on Europe’s job creation.

To read the full report and countries’ profiles, please see here.