BAE offers Knowledge Centre as a resource of Research and Knowledge on Angel investment in Europe bringing together relevant  data on the market and about existing policy initiatives from across the BAE partner countries. and act as a resource to identify good practice.
The Knowledge Centre will offer a resource to the European Commission and other stakeholders as well as to the rest of the angel community.
BAE has the capacity to consult with and reflect the views and needs of the angel investment community in the most active parts of the angel market and is in a position to bring this information to support the policy and operational planning of the European Commission and relevant European Institutions and other key stakeholders whilst recognising  that each DG will have different policy measures and requirements and will seek to both engage with and respond to the different Directorates to support their policy and programme developments.
BAE is able to support the European Commission  in developing relevant parameters and definitions to support the regulatory and technical operation of the angel market and avoid abuse. BAE supports an approach that reflects current practice and avoids regulations that restrict the effective operation of the angel market in Europe.
BAE supports the promotion of quality approaches and good practice in angel investing, drawing on the extensive experience and expertise from these leading countries in the angel market. This includes such areas as investment processes; syndication; network management; co-investment funds and use of tax incentives
BAE is not looking to standardise the angel market since it is a highly diverse market in Europe, but we will facilitate Benchmarking, drawing together existing good practice as a reference point.