The association is made of full members, affiliate members and associate members. Only the full members will benefit from full voting rights.
Full members
Full members are federations or national associations representing the BA-community in all its forms, including a.o. business angel networks, located in the European Union that represent, are a recognised voice for and promote the country’s angel market. They do not engage in match-making activities. A full definition of organisations that qualify as full members is available on the BAE website.
Membership applications will be submitted to an admission committee, composed of members of the Board, who will issue an opinion on the validity of the membership.

Affiliate members
By invitation from the Board only, affiliate members my be:
  • Business angel networks, syndicates or relevant groupings which bring the best practice in their country to the benefit of the work of BAE to develop standards for the European angel market and increase the level playing field in this sector.
  • Federations or national associations of business angel networks which do not fit the full membership criteria.
The admission committee decides on membership.

Associate members
Associate members are organisations which do not meet the before mentioned criteria for full or affiliate membership, but who have evident interest in the business angel industry.

Right and duties of members
Members agree to the internal regulations of the association. 
Members pay their annual membership fee in due course.
Members of the association commit to provide statistical data on their activities to the association on an annual basis.