Why join BAE?

  • Key source of knowledge, experience and intelligence on the European angel market;
  • Unique body which represents the key federations in Europe;
  • Group of unique organisations entitled to provide reliable data on the visible business activity in Europe, collected through the federations;
  • Key interface with the European institutions. BAE’s core activity is political advocacy work mainly near the European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Investment Fund (EIF).


What are the benefits for members?
Being part of BAE gives its members a unique opportunity to influence the EU policies & legislation, which might have an impact on the future of business angels and more widely early stage investing in Europe.
BAE membership allows you to:
  • Receive first-hand information regarding key issues of concern for business angels and related topics (e.g. access to finance, venture capital, crowdfunding, EU co-investment schemes etc);
  • Contribute to BAE’s responses to public consultations launched by the EU institutions;
  • Participate to high level events organized by European Institutions (meetings/workshops/conferences);
  • Get access and contribute to rigorous and comprehensive data published on business angels
  • Interact and share best practices with the key national business angels federations and trade associations.
  • Foster internationalization of start-ups and business angels, through the BAE club of selective top class networks of BANs across Europe.