The BAE Club is a small group of leading business angel networks and groups across Europe.

Its ambition is to support cross-border collaboration through: support to internationalisation of investee companies, cross-border investment, and knowledge-sharing across countries.

The BAE Club was lanched in Barcelona on March 2014. It now gathers 14 groups from 11 countries.
Members of the BAE Club will:
  • Encourage their angel members to meet several times a year to create a pan-European angel community;
  • Encourage their investee companies to pitch to European investors when fund-raising or conquering new markets;
  • Share good practice with peers;
  • Contribute to Business Angels Europe advocacy work to create a favorable environment for angel and early stage investing in Europe.

Moreover, the BAE Club will enable a membership exchange so that members from each group will be entitled to attend investment events in any member of the BAE Club across Europe

"The angel investing market is changing rapidly, and angels are increasingly joining organised or managed syndicates, groups or networks in Europe’s most mature angel ecosystems. For the first time in Europe, a group of peers have decided to join forces to share investment practices and help their portfolio of businesses internationalise outside of their own borders. Building trust among this small and exclusive group of peers will be the first step to stimulating cross border early stage investing"

Claire Munck
- Board member of BAE responsible
for Global Strategy and Chairwoman of the BAE Club -