Angels Santé - Angels for Health (France) was founded in 2008. It has 90+ members. Most of our members are based in France but we are expanding to Europe and are ready to welcome investors from other countries interested in Healthcare. Angels Santé is exclusively investing in high-growth companies focused on Healthcare (Biotech, Medtech companies, Diagnostics, e-Health...)
APBA (Portugal) is the Portuguese Business Angels Association formed in 2006. It represents the 2 main Portuguese business angel's networks and 12 investment vehicles, with more than 150 business angels.
Archangels (Scotland) Archangel Informal Investment is a Scotland-based Business Angel Syndicate. Originally formed in 1992, the syndicate now comprises around 100 investor members and is investing c.a. £10m per year in early stage Scottish companies, including leverage from partners the largest being the Scottish Enterprise Co-Investment Fund.

​BAN Vlaanderen (Belgium) Ban Vlaanderen is the Flemish business angels network, founded in 1999 and currently has 225 members-business angels. Its goal is to stimulate the economic growth in Belgium by developing, guiding and promoting entrepreneurship by bringing together capital-seeking entrepreneurs and private investors (business angels).

​BeAngels (Belgium) is the business angel network active in Wallonia and the Brussels Region. Its mission is to provide through its members business support and early stage financing to innovative companies. It was set up in 1999, and closes on average 20 deals a year for circa 3million euros. In 2014, it federates 170+ investors and screens about 250 projects a year.

BayStartUP (Germany) runs the Bavarian network for business angels and all kind of investors that are interested in fast growing young companies. There are more than 200 business angels and around 100 institutional investors listed. BayStartUP arranges financings of circa 20 to 30 Mio. Euro of seed and growth capital every year.

​Go Beyond (cross border) was founded in 2008 and brings together 170 angels and 5 families and corporates who are dedicated to providing early stage capital with entrepreneurs seeking investment. Since 2008, Go Beyond has grown its investment portfolio in over 20 companies including multiple round investments via pooled and individual investments.

IAG (Italy) was founded in 2007 and currently brings together 120+ investors. It is the main angel group in Italy and constantly ranks as one of the most active early stage investor in the country. Its members have invested in excess of €12M in deals in Italy, Europe, USA and Israel. The group is strongly committed to to promoting entrepreneurship as an engine for growth in Italy as well as in Europe.

IESE BAN (Spain) was formed in 2003 and actually brings together 141 members. Willing to explore synergies in order to help create new enterprises. Open to IESE alumni and any entrepreneur or investor, the Network does not function as a traditional investment club requiring an upfront investment commitment; instead, investment decisions are on an individual basis. IESE BAN has invested in 93 deals for an overall amount of 23.4m €.

I2 (Austria) was founded in 1997 and currently represents 220 angels. I2 supports young, growth oriented companies by providing them access to private risk capital and management expertise. The main goal is to bring together entrepreneurs and potential investors ("business angels") who are interested in co-operation.


Newable Private Investing (UK) has a 35-year track record of unleashing the extraordinary potential of business people. It brings together 200 angels and its angel backed co-investment funds. It is one of Europe's leading Angel Investment Networks and its main mission is connecting innovating fast growth technology companies - mainly small and medium - to equity finance through an experiences and discerning network of business angel investors.

OOST NV (The Netherlands) is the East Netherlands Development Agency and was founded in 2003. It brings together 230 angels and focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, the Netherlands.
Paris Business Angels (France) was founded in 2004 and represents 150 angels. It is based in France and its mission is to contribute to the development of innovative high-growth companies. It has been investing in 175 start-ups for 23m €.

Associate Members

Angel Funding Germany is a cross border initiative connecting growth companies to German business angels and VC’s. It co-operates with BAND, the umbrella organization of the German business angel networks. The companies that are in the scope of Angel Funding Germany are Dutch and Belgian growth companies with a commercially available product and a proven potential in sales and return. For Dutch business angels the possibility is offered to join German (lead) investors.

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